Unique Eyes

Beyond your impressive academic credentials and extracurricular accomplishments, what else makes you unique and colorful?

Eye color was evenly divided in my family before I was born: two sets of blue eyes and two sets of green eyes. My birth would have traditionally tipped the scales, but I was born with one blue eye and one green. This anomaly was originally considered simply to be a fun fact or a strange tidbit, but, upon reflecting, I realize that my eye color signifies much more. Maybe the duplicity of the score foreshadowed that I would become a compromiser, that I would not see the world in black and white, or that I would not be restrained by typical limitations. Another unexpected interpretation of my eye color stems from the different points in relationships at which any given person notices my uneven appearance. Some realize the moment they meet me, others realize years later, and perhaps some never notice. I like to think that my eyes are somewhat of a scale as to the type of person I am talking to. When someone notices your eyes, it shows they are perceptive and genuine in their interest. When you have unique eyes, you will undoubtedly receive a comment whenever they are noticed. This occurrence has caused me to strive to notice others. It inspires me to demonstrate that each person I am talking to has captivated my attention, to notice eye color, however congruent it may be. My different eye colors are also more noticeable depending on my surrounding colors and lights, similar to how each person’s individual strengths and unique traits are more noticeable depending on his or her environment. Just as my eyes are physically unique, I believe my unique talents and desire for academic challenge would shine in a passionate and engaging community. Considering this, I believe that the place where my gifts would be most noticeable and useful is at this college.

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