I Know What I Want

Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in this application?

Rationale: This question seeks to give students the opportunity to share important aspects of their schooling or their lives that may not have been sufficiently addressed elsewhere in the application.

It is often said, “Write what you know,” and I know myself: I know what I want. Every day I learn more, as I reflect upon my habits and quirks, strengths and weaknesses; as I remember my past and imagine my future. I want challenges and victories. I want to learn and grow, both personally and academically. I want an environment that will change my life and create new memories for me to reflect upon. I want to rise to my potential, develop the passions within me, and start to become the person I know I will one day be; I know what I want. In Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler mocks Scarlett O’Hara for her “Passion for living.” This “passion” is what drives Scarlett, helps her survive, brings her success, and eventually makes him fall in love with her. I have that same kind of passion. Driven by the will to succeed and my zeal for knowledge, I have risen to the top 4% of my class. I challenge myself academically and work to improve myself through opportunities like ASB, Marching Band, Choir, and sports. I have helped my community through volunteer work with the Salvation Army, tutoring sessions, and the organization of numerous community events and performances. I balance my academics with a job, extra-curricular activities, and leadership positions, adding more to my plate each year. I seek to gain a better understanding of the world around me. I want to make a difference, and I feel that the best way to reach this goal is through higher education.I want to pursue this passion in a collegiate environment that encourages my growth, and that provides a strong academic education that will guide me through the rest of my developing years. I have faith that in every passion, in every desire of my heart, I can and will succeed; for this, above all, is what I want of myself: to be a better person, daughter, student, sister, leader, volunteer, worker, captain, treasurer, writer, sprinter, singer, and friend. “Write what you know,” as the saying goes…and I know what I want.

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