Wellesley and Me

The Board of Admission is interested in knowing your reasons for applying to Wellesley College and how Wellesley will help you to realize your personal and academic goals. (In two paragraphs)

After riding my bicycle around campus to start off the morning, I return to Cazenova Hall to prepare for the day. I leave my dorm and make my way to the Lulu to meet a couple of my friends for breakfast. We met when we were only freshmen at Professor Marini’s seminar on Radical Individualism and the Common Good. Because of the small size of the class and our shared concerns about starting college life, we quickly became good friends. As we catch up, my friend tells me about her plan to conduct research with the guidance of the Wellesley Center For Women. She asks me for input because I was involved in the Women in Public Service Summer Institute last June. After breakfast, I make my way to Professor Marshall’s Philosophy of Religion class. I was introduced to existentialism in my high school philosophy course, and, from then on, I have always wanted to further explore the question of the nature of religion and God. In the class, we read passages from Thus Spoke Zarathustra. It is my second encounter with Nietzsche, and now, I have a clearer sense of his viewpoint. Afterwards, I go to the Clapp library to meet my writing tutor. I am starting my senior thesis in economics, and I am having trouble with my outline. My senior thesis, which is on the need for affirmative action in Indonesia’s workforce, is inspired by the theories I learned over the past few years in Professor Lindauer’s Development Economics class, Professor Witte’s Law and Economics class, and Professor De Bres’s Social and Political Philosophy class. After making some progress, I finish my session and quickly go to practice with The Wellesley College Sailing Team. I always wanted to learn to sail and embraced the opportunity when i came to Wellesley. Even though I have only been sailing for three years, I now consider myself a decent sailor. As we end our practice at the Charles River, we decide to have dinner at Bartley’s in Cambridge. There, the team ends the day with much laughter and many delicious burgers. When I visited Wellesley’s campus this summer and walked around the beautiful Alexandra Botanic Garden, these are the images I saw when I thought of what a day would be at Wellesley – intellectually engaging, but also filled with much strong camaraderie of smart and kind women. What I find most appealing about Wellesley is that it is a liberal arts college with the resources of a major university. I think of Wellesley as a close-knit community where I can focus on my passion while exploring the various opportunities at my fingertips. At Wellesley, I know that I would always be able find support when I need it, both academically and socially. At Wellesley, I know that I would feel at home.

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