Passion for Life

What is your academic passion?

My academic passion is learning; from the trivial to the essential, I am excited by all. Until my sophomore year of high school I was completely unaware of the best feeling in the world, that of learning and embracing a new idea or concept that changes your view of the world. During my freshman year of high school I was “academically confused,” with no driving force and no outlet for unadulterated expression.Although I was in higher level classes surrounded by intelligent people, school was not as much a priority in my life as was socializing. Unfortunately my grades reflected this outlook. Sophomore year I had an amazing epiphany as I watched my older sister enter college. Only then did I truly consider my life after high school and I quickly realized that I too wanted to attend college and better myself.During my sophomore year I made a conscious effort to focus my attention on school and earn good grades. First semester I began to get the hang of it. By second semester I was amazed by how much I had turned around and how my passion for learning had bloomed. Never was I happier than when I received my report card of straight A’s, the true proof that I could succeed.I found discussions with teachers to be enthralling. I remember the satisfaction I felt when I noticed a substantial error in the class’s biology book and worked with my teacher to notify the publisher. That same year I joined my school’s nationally recognized math team and went on to win an award for excellence. These successes were pure joy for me and this pleasure was buttressed by my family’s elation for my achievements. Although this may sound like your everyday success story, there is one aspect that makes mine quite different.My great turnaround was independent of my parents’ influence. As I struggled freshman year neither I nor my parents showed remorse. My parents pretty much let me do as I pleased and I was not awarded or punished for my actions. This kind of independence would cause many kids to go on the wrong track as I almost did. My success was self-inspired; I did it for myself and for no one else. I did not do it because my parents threatened to ground me if I did not do well, or because I would lose privileges at home.Few things in life bring me more joy than solving a tedious math problem or reading a good book. Embracing my school work has changed my life for the better and enabled me to appreciate the world and its diversity. It has enriched my life experiences with my friends as well as my family. My passion for learning is a major defining aspect of who I represent and it is my inspiration as well as my safeguard against the twisted roller coaster ride that is life.

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