I Am Not A Runner

Concisely explain your decision to apply to Wake Forest and what your academic and personal goals would be as a student.

I am not a runner, but I do it anyway to improve my fitness and endurance. Forcing my size nine feet into pink Pumas and my body into shorts and a tee is an arduous task, but I do it anyway. “I must.” I pound the pavement, driving each foot further and further. “Just a few more steps.” Gaining distance, but losing energy, my muscles howl at me to cease. “I can’t stop now.” Beads of sweat are born out of force on my brow. A heaving pant replaces the steady rhythm of breaths. “I have to make it to that next mailbox. Keep going. Run harder. Push it. You’re almost there.” And then I pass the mailbox, surpass my set goal, running to the next stop sign before I allow myself a rest. I live like I run. And that extra burst to the stop sign is my run towards Wake Forest. They are mind games, both running and academia. They involve convincing yourself of what your body can do and then doing more, for that first mindset is always an underestimate. It is more than just a challenge of the body, but also of the mind and soul. Wake Forest will be that challenge of body, mind, and soul. It is a school where academic endeavors will entice me, but more importantly, it is a school where everything I think I know will be tested. Furthermore, it is a school where my desire to help others will be facilitated through programs like Project Pumpkin, Helping Hands, and Habitat for Humanity: Pro Humanitate. Being immersed in an intellectual setting with all the perks of a campus pervaded by nature lures me. The environment of Wake Forest is only augmented by The Calloway School of Business and Accountancy. Key knowledge and insights I have gained through an internship in finance provide me the confidence to say that this school is beckoning me. I wish to ultimately earn my MSA degree and pursue accounting. My ambitions of embarking into finance and business as a woman, however, lie not in breaking barriers or in cracking the glass ceiling with my stiletto heels. My aspirations emerge, rather, from my affinity for helping people. I am a cheerful, outgoing, supportive, and somewhat ebullient person. Wake Forest is where I will flourish.

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