Fufilling One’s Potential

What do you expect from your four years in college? How do you hope to change?

Does education have a value? Not one that is measurable. From my four years in college I expect to receive a wealth of knowledge and skill commensurate to the countless hours of hard work and dedication I intend to put into it. I believe my four years in college will be the most important and influential years of my life.The knowledgeable professors and students and the rigor of the curriculum at a school like Wake Forest University will push me to limits to which I have never been pushed and allow me to explore my academic interests in an environment in which they can be nurtured. It is this premise that lays the groundwork for my expectations from my undergraduate years.My experiences outside of the classroom will enhance my character just as much or more than those within it. One of the extracurricular activities I will absolutely participate in is Greek life. I have had the great opportunity to hear about fraternities and sororities from my sister who is currently a junior in college and a sorority member. Every aspect of fraternity life thoroughly excites me, especially the long-lasting, deep camaraderie that fraternities provide. I know I will be entrenched in college life, socially and academically, because I am extremely excited and motivated to do so.I expect teachers who will push me to my limit and expand my range of thinking while at the same time caring about me. I will interact with and learn from students from around the country and the world. I will go into college with an open but critical mind and I anticipate graduating with vastly more knowledge of the workings of the world while retaining this same mindset. Nothing excites me more than the limitless possibilities and innumerable opportunities that a college education will open up.I anticipate the change I undergo during college will certainly be great in both amount and profoundness. I hope to broaden my scope on life and to thoroughly learn as much as I can, especially about business which I wish to pursue for my career. The surroundings of a college town are perfect for intellectual and social growth. Currently I think of myself as an extremely dedicated and ambitious individual. I love new ideas that challenge my old ones as well as debating nearly any topic. Placing a student such as myself, with such attributes, in a quality institution such as Wake Forest University will allow me to thrive and grow into the person I hope to become.

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