A Look into the Future

In the classic historical novel The Sword and the Stone, Merlin tells the future King Arthur: “The best thing is to learnsomething. That is the only thing that never fails.” Later in the book he asks Arthur, “Have you learned anything?” to whichArthur replies, “I have learned and been happy.”

I come from a small town in a small world; but this small world has a window, beyond which lays a larger world that I have quietly been watching ever since I can remember. From this world a dream was born of seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things, and finding a career that I love. I imagine my commencement day to be a milestone of my life, and the doorway to that world beyond that of the small window. The knowledge, lifelong friendships, and the pride my family feels are just a few of the intimate details that will bring me to feel learned and happy on that day.Knowledge is the intangible design that guides people through history and different concepts and philosophies that ultimately manifest into a better understanding of the world. I feel as though I have learned so much but yet so little. I have an endless thirst to learn more about my passions, and the experiences throughout college will lead to that thirst not only being sufficiently satisfied but spurred with a desire to continue learning forever. No matter how wizened my body grows or what people or products come and go, I will still contain and maintain the knowledge I have learned and the ability to continually expand upon it. Knowledge, to me, is the water that causes the streams to run and connect all corners of my being. After these four years, my mind will be filled with more than can be imagined and ready to continue towards my dreams.My college commencement day will have a tinge of sadness, because it marks the day of so many people parting and embarking on their next journey. College is not only an opportunity to learn but to meet all types of people; whether it is just merely picking up a dropped book for a stranger or the start of a lifelong friendship. These friends that I meet and the inspirational professors that are discovered along the way will help support me through tough stretches in my life, seemingly impossible classes, and anything else that comes my way. I look forward to supporting them too. The parting of ways will not be completely sad though, for there will always be the memories, and the future in which we can meet again.One of the things that will contribute to my happiness and learning is my family, because having their support throughout college will make me a stronger and more capable learner. As a first generation college student born to a teenage mom, whose water broke in my high school’s office, I will be a great pride to my family. To imagine my grandparents there that day adds all the more drive to continuing my education. My entire life people have set limits for me saying that I would never be smart because I could not learn how to read in first grade. I have proved those people wrong; I not only learned how to read, but I have excelled at it and is one of my most treasured pastimes. As I sit there on commencement day, I will be reminded that I have not only done this for myself but for everyone that has ever supported me, and that will make me all the happier.In the end, the small world melds into the larger. College is an indispensable part of my dream, in which so many once in a lifetime opportunities are experienced. I am positive with all the knowledge I will have gained, the friendships made, and my family’s smiles beaming down at me that I will feel learned and happy in the most satisfying way imaginable.

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