I Will Contribute

Virginia Tech is committed to providing the benefits of an educational environment rich in individual backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics. What contributions might you as a student bring to help create a diverse educational community at Virginia Tech?

200 words max

I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was raised in a Hispanic family. Apart from being fully bilingual and bicultural, I have adopted some important values from my parents. They are both medical doctors and have dedicated themselves to serving others. I always strive to help others however possible, and I see this as one of my most important virtues. My extensive involvement with the Key Club, a service organization, exemplifies this trait. In Key Club I have organized several service projects, including one in which members worked directly with migrant workers and experienced first-hand some of their hardships. In addition, I enjoy helping others understand technology and solve technological problems and often do so for teachers and students. For my proficiency with computers and my dedication to helping others, I was awarded the Caltech Signature Award and the University of Rochester’s Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology. I will bring to VT my desire to develop my technology skills further and openness to learning new ideas, while contributing to the campus community my proven leadership skills. 

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