The Auditorium, the Hospital

Education and Life: a personal statement

Essay about yourself: focusing on one or two of your principal intellectual interests. Try to give the selection committee a sense of how these interests enhance your life and how they relate to your other interests or activities.

Drops of sweat trickled down my tanned face as I stared at the C-shaped moon outside the auditorium. Sitting on the fence, we rested and cooled down before continuing with the work inside. I glanced at my G-shock: 01:00 military time. We had worked throughout the night to prepare the sound and light equipment for tomorrow’s concert for the Chinese Association. We did this because we liked it, and we didn’t get paid. I stared once again at the lighting fixtures that we had just reorganized and the sound equipment that we had set up. I smiled. I like helping friends, especially with things that I love to do. It all started back when I was in primary school in Malaysia. I always dreamed of being in the control room inside the library that broadcasted music during recess. I knew friends who were doing it, so I inquired about the opportunity to join the school’s radio team. It was an exciting experience, stepping into that prestigious and luxurious carpeted room for the first time. Having all the levers of the mixer as well as the CD and cassette players under my control, I felt like a Pharaoh. When I moved on to secondary school, I was elated to be accepted into the sound and light team. This job is very competitive, but my desire, passion, and determination put me at a level above the other applicants. I got to learn how to operate, install, repair, and troubleshoot the light and sound equipment. This made my life more interesting as I got the chance to help out with different functions, concerts, and events held in the auditorium. I am not only a backstage person; I also like to be in the spotlight. Attending my first professional theatre workshop when I was 12, I was exposed to the world of performing arts and became crazy about acting, singing, and dancing. I even performed in a couple of professional and amateur musicals and plays before I moved to this country. My desire to help people also led to another interest that of mine: nursing. I want to pursue this profession because I would be able to ease someone else’s suffering. Seeing a happy face on a sick patient really kept me enthusiastic throughout the day to help more people. The experiences that I have as a volunteer at Warren Memorial Hospital also confirm that nursing is a suitable career choice. As I walked into that pain-filled and sorrowful white room, I was delighted when I brought that smile to the Mrs. Andrew’s face when I offered a blanket to keep her warm before her surgery. Her sincere “Thank you” brightened my day and at the same time assured me that I had made her happy. However, I don’t have the same passion for cleaning a patient’s wounds as I do for having dust fall on my face while I am changing a light bulb on stage. I chose nursing as part of my program of studies because of its more stable and secure status as a career. Being a nurse would allow me to earn a steady income while I try to begin a career in entertainment. It is what parents these days call a “fall back”. Eventually, I hope to be successful in a stage production career. By choosing two majors, I believe I’m making a prudent decision that I won’t regret in the future. I relive those unforgettable moments with my best friends setting up the sound and light system while spending the night in the auditorium. After taking that long flight on Korean Airlines that gave me a one-way trip to the United States of America from Malaysia in 2005, my life was about to have a great transformation. Now that two years have passed, I am preparing for the next big step in my life: college. I hope that through my accumulation of knowledge and experience throughout the years in nursing and stage production, I am able to positively change the lives of other people around me.

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