VCU: As you start your college career, what is your primary goal as a student and how have you prepared to meet this goal, how do you plan to succeed, how do you feel you will do at VCU?

As my thoughts drifted through Geometry class, I was startled with a loud “BANG!” My classmate slams to the ground like a sack of potatoes, after crashing her head onto her desk. Her body begins shaking uncontrollably; her legs and arms were like jelly in an earthquake. Foam rumbles from the sides of her mouth and all over her new Forever 21 tank. I was commanded to hold down her limbs as they violently shook beneath me. The scene was exhilarating; the way I handled such a high-pressure situation was yet a new inspiration in my passion for nursing.

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion for caring for others, whether it was taking care of my sick brother or pretending to take the pulse of my Barbie dolls. In fact, a room full of stuffed animals all patiently waiting for their care from nurse Madi was a childhood reoccurrence of mine. I realized as I grew that this love of caretaking could be in my everyday life. This has led to my dedication to earn my degree in nursing at VCU.

In order to pursue my lifetime dream, I plan to create study groups with peers, and also work on my major outside out the lecture hall through community activities directed towards nursing. I have already begun my studies through an EVMS mentoring program, where we learn how to care for patients in an emergency. This experience has fed the fire for my passion for caring for others. Studying in school that places a spotlight on medical endeavors will motivate and assist me in becoming a nurse who is a friend, a companion, and a superb professional.

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