My Wall, My Aspiration

Describe a book, movie, song, or other work of art that has been significant to you since you were young and how its meaning has changed for you as you have grown.

“Don’t tell me there’s no hope at all” are the very words that Roger Waters from Pink Floyd sang in the internationally famous, “Hey You”. Growing up, my father and I used to always take road trips through our sunny California redwoods, jamming out to a myriad of albums. However, “Another Brick Wall” by Pink Floyd, seemed to always have me singing at the top of my lungs. Whenever the first guitar solo would come on for “Hey You”, I would naturally break out in my inner David Gilmour and start air guitaring the entire thing. Granted, I was about six years old with the mindset that Pink Floyd was a band based on a group of brothers who really enjoyed the color pink, and had the last name Floyd.

Now that my father is long deceased, anytime I hear a Pink Floyd song, my mind immediately escapes to the wonderful times we shared. More importantly, my perspective on what I was once singing at six years old has developed into a true passion for understanding the world through music. Specifically in “Hey You”, I now make connections between what the song was trying to get out to the world, and how my world interpreted it. “Hey You” went from having an innocent and nostalgic connotation in my head, to an extremely vital aspect in creating my perspective and view of the world I live in. Up to this day, whenever I sing out the words “Don’t tell me there’s no hope at all”, the power of every single type of emotion I ever held onto with that song reunite and create an invisible light inside of my soul. That light allows me to continue living with the mindset that there is always hope if I allow myself to look for it.

“It was only fantasy, the wall was too high, as you can see. No matter how he tried, he could not break free, and the worms ate into his brain”. This exact line still gives me chills every time I hear it. The fantasy that is described, is now the life I am striving to live for. The wall being the obstacles that attempt to stand in my way. The worms playing the role of the surrounding opinions on the way I take on my world. “Together we stand, divided we fall,” I now live my life with the mindset that we are only strong when standing united, standing together, undivided by the opinions that we pose to uphold that wall. The wall blinding us from the belief of being able to achieve the fantasy we all dream of.

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