Why Vassar

Why Vassar?

During the overnight at Vassar, my nighttime ritual was disrupted by the unexpected presence of a male Vassar student in what I thought was a female bathroom. Startled, I ran back into the dorm. There, my host explained to me that the bathrooms at Vassar are gender neutral as a way to promote gender inclusivity. Despite my initial shock, I quickly embraced the idea of a gender neutral bathroom and appreciated how Vassar emphasized the inclusion of all identities and open mindedness.

This open mindedness extends to Vassar’s academic experience, as well. Until I sat in on a writing seminar at Vassar, I had never really taken an interest in Latina women and their effect on US-Cuba relations. As a prospective international studies major, I was completely floored by the new wave of information that had come my way. Having been limited by pesky biology and calculus requirements all throughout high school, the only humanities courses I could take were all related to US history. Whether it’s Latina feminists or religion in North Africa, Vassar’s open, diverse curriculum will help redefine how I see the world and refresh my very concept of learning.

Vassar also provides opportunities on and off campus to build connections. As a prospective international studies major, I would gain access to a multitude of internships and job opportunities available in the city through Vassar. Additionally, Vassar has the traditional, suburban campus that would help me find community among students, while still being connected to the occupational opportunities that I would need to make the most of my experience.

In big ways and small, Vassar provides a learning environment where students can craft their own education and decide their own goals. It’s a campus that proud promotes inclusion and acceptance, and it’s a campus where I could continue to gain new perspectives.

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