How did you hear about Vassar?

I learned about Vassar the way I grew up – independently. I stumbled upon the school online one lonely night while my single mother traveled for business. Upon visiting Vassar, I remember having goosebumps. The college was Phoebe incarnate, from the vegetarian options in the cafeteria to the flexible core curriculum that would allow me to find out more about myself than any other school. Even Lisa Kudrow can attest to the fact that Vassar is a place for Phoebes.

As is often the case with love, I could not pin down what about Vassar’s ideology I adored so much. That is, until I received a Vassar viewbook in the mail. I started reading en media res and marveled at how Vassar does not define individualism as what school activities you participate in, but as the character that results from rigorous examination of your own mind. I always had a hard time explaining my definition of individualism until I saw my own opinion put into words in that blue viewbook. As I read on, the similarities between Vassar’s paradigm and my own became even more uncanny.

For instance, I have quite the obsession with the American Women’s Suffrage Movement. My busy single mother and her group of spinster girlfriends raised me, and as a result I fervently support equal rights in every sense. Vassar and I were built on the same foundation. And upon reading about Ellen Swallow, I was about ready to pack my bags and move onto campus before my senior year of high school even began. With our matching environmentalist and feminist beliefs, Ms. Swallow and I seemed astoundingly similar as well. However, the biggest parallel I drew from the viewbook was this: Vassar is a community of intellectually curious people. My teachers have described me as intellectually curious from elementary school onward, whether I was the best in the class or struggling to reach my goals. I believe that Vassar is the wiser version of myself. Upon looking at my reflection in 2019, I would love to see even more of a resemblance to Vassar.

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