The Total Package

Write a concise statement with any additional information that is important to convey to the admissions committee. Information that may be important might include your aspirations, work experience, creative talents, factors affecting your academic record, or why you are applying to UWMadison. You may wish to attach a separate page for your statement. This is an important part of your application.

I know University of Wisconsin- Madison is right for me. At a school like University of Wisconsin I can not only succeed and flourish as a student, but even help contribute. Wisconsin can also offer me everything that a serious yet excited student could ask for: academics and a social life.When choosing a college, the first things that came to my mind were excellence in academic programs and reputation. Wisconsin offers a wide range of classes and majors, a distinctive reputation, and it is a place where I know I can succeed. As are many students my age, I am unsure of what I want to study as a major. Part of me loves psychology and the human mind, yet I am fascinated with history, and another part of me enjoys English and creative writing. Wisconsin, being a large University, offers a wide array of classes and by the time I graduate I will have a degree in a major that I truly love. As a student of Wisconsin I can bring the willingness and excitement to succeed. I feel strongly about my academics and have a desire to learn. Education and learning is never an area to cut yourself short on and doing the most challenging things are always worth the struggle in the end. Hopefully my willingness to learn and succeed will contribute to the campus environment and hopefully I can lead by example.Academics aside, Wisconsin also offers it students an amazing social life. I am a huge sports fan, and the Big Ten conference offers some of the best college sports in the country. I can think of nothing better then rooting for the Badgers on the field or on the court; I want to be part of the sea of red. Wisconsin also has over 600 student organizations, and I know that I can find my niche. I have always been someone who likes to get involved on campus. In high school I had a wide variety of activities and leadership positions. I did everything from my high school’s Latin Club, to varsity soccer to the political club. I tried to be a leader wherever I saw fit and I got others involved and excited. I know my leadership qualities and my wide array of interests will benefit Wisconsin and those around me. I also have done work to help others in worse positions then mine. Throughout my high school career I did volunteer work at my community’s Center For Food Action. I feel it is a person’s duty to help those less fortunate then themselves. It is my desire to help bring leadership, excitement, and compassion to Wisconsin. I want college to not only be a learning experience, but also a thrilling one. I know Wisconsin can provide all this and more.Wisconsin is the total package. It has academics that serious students crave, but is also a place to enjoy the greatest years of your life. I know Wisconsin can serve as a vehicle to help provide the most desirable future available, but without sacrificing the present.

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