Music Man

Describe an activity or experience that has been or is especially important to you. Reflect on the meaning of this experience, and how it has prepared you for college and the Medical Scholars Program (500 words or less.)

Music has been an especially important activity for me. Although I have chosen to be involved in a variety of activities, the one that has been most rewarding for me is performing in a band. In junior high school, I organized a band that has since been playing for local functions. Involvement in music has not only given me enjoyment but also has given me a positive outlet for self-expression and given me the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for success in all aspects of life. Learning to balance rehearsal with studying and other extracurricular activities has helped me to develop time management skills. While I have spent countless hours practicing and performing music, I have continued to take many advanced placement courses and have maintained an excellent GPA. I believe that the invaluable skill of time management has better prepared me for higher education and will allow me to take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities available at UW-Madison and its Medical Scholars Program. Teamwork and leadership skills are also key components of success. In order to meet the demands of all our band members, as well as the demands of diverse genres of music, compromises had to be made. Although at times made reluctantly, these compromises were vital to the band functioning smoothly as one. While collaboration was a main part of our success, a sense of purpose and direction was needed to keep the band focused and on task. By directing each practice session, I learned effective leadership skills.Music has also provided me with opportunities to help people. I have donated my time to perform for charity functions, such as the American Cancer Society’s Walk for Cancer, and I have contributed the money I made from performances that I was monetarily compensated for to non-profit organizations, such as the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation. Seeing the enjoyment on the audiences’ faces, especially residents of nursing homes, has given me immeasurable and unexpected rewards and has made any hard work in preparation for concerts worthwhile. These experiences have been ingrained in my memory and are ones I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Music is not only an activity that I love, but also one that allows me to give something back to my community.Through music, I have learned time management, dedication, cooperation, and leadership. These skills, in addition to my academic preparedness, will allow me to gain a higher education at an accelerated pace. My ability to prioritize my schedule will help me keep up with the rigorous courses I plan to take and will allow me to participate in a variety of other activities, while teamwork and leadership skills will allow me to conduct study groups to help myself and other students succeed. The enjoyment I have given others through my music has furthered my desire to become a physician so that I can help people on a daily basis.

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