More Than A Number

“If there is additional information you would like us to consider in reviewing your application, please share this with us as well. This is your opportunity to tell us things about yourself that have not been asked elsewhere if you believe they will help us become acquainted with you in ways different from courses, grades, and test scores.”

GPA. SAT. ACT. AP. In our society these acronyms essentially define a student. I wish to go beyond these objective criteria in evaluating who I really am. Far too often, students focus merely on the grade; nonetheless, this grade is worth absolutely nothing if one cannot apply that knowledge to a real-life setting. Throughout my academic career I have tried to take a variety of courses to attain the knowledge, instead of just the grade. Beginning with sophomore year, I had the option of choosing a broader array of courses. I decided to take classes that would allow me to learn things that I did not already know, such as AP European History. This was the class I spent the most time studying in, though the grade did not show it. I challenged myself, and I do not regret it. A grade is only relevant through high school; knowledge however, lasts forever. Although I feel as though a grade cannot accurately evaluate one’s intelligence, it can give a good ballpark. My grades were not stellar throughout my sophomore year, though they did improve throughout my junior year in which I finished the last term with all A’s. By the end of my first term this year, I also managed to earn an A in each of my four classes. I wish to maintain a high GPA throughout my senior year even when I get accepted into any college. I will use my thirst for knowledge to help push myself to perform better throughout my entire senior year. The reason I wish to attend Madison is so that I can reach my full potential in a strong academic environment. So far I am inclined to pursue a science-related career, and more specifically, the pre-med track. In spite of my science-oriented preference, I am still open to learning about anything. I do not want to pre-plan everything one hundred percent. Instead, I want to be able to try a bit of everything by taking a broad variety of courses. I want to find what I am good at, and then be able to apply that ability to a meaningful occupation. I firmly believe I can accomplish this goal at Madison.

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