Cultural Persistence

If you wish, write an optional essay providing additional information you believe I important and relevant to the evaluation of your candidacy. Examples include significant challenges in your background, e.g. family hardship, working a substantial number of hours per week during the school year, changing schools, etc.

I was three years old when my parents chose to emigrate from China to Canada in order for my father to pursue his medical career. It was a difficult journey for my parents because of cultural and language differences and for me, as a small child, leaving the familiarity of my home and relatives. We relocated several times during my childhood and with each move I had to change schools and become acquainted with new environments and make new friends. These frequent changes in my family’s home gave me opportunities to develop the social skills necessary to adjust to new situations quickly and have made me a more resilient person.While my father worked late into the nights preparing for his medical board exams and writing his research papers, I watched how his dedication and persistence paid off; he is now a licensed physician and a productive research scientist. I learned that dedication, determination and persistence are important aspects of commitment to one’s goals. Even thus, I am no stranger to the difficulties that lay in the path to entering such a profession.My parents’ work has always fascinated me (both my parents are involved in medicine and medical research) and has stimulated me to become involved in many science pursuits. I have taken science classes, participated in extracurricular science programs, shadowed physicians and observed medical research in a laboratory. These experiences have given me insight into the rigorous daily routines of physicians, as well as the intricacies of scientific research and have helped me to formulate my ultimate goal of becoming a physician. I believe these activities along with the more than 300 hours of community service I have performed have helped me to develop the skills and instill the dedication necessary for success with my future studies in the Medical Scholars Program.

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