Another Ingredient Into the Melting Pot

What qualities, experiences, etc. will you contribute to the University?

College brings together a melting pot of students and a buffet table of classes, internships, study abroad programs, and clubs. Yet students must give back to their schools, or else who’d be attending classes or playing in the orchestra?To college, I add my civic responsibility: a member of Youth in Government and Girls State, I appreciate the democratic processes which govern our country. In school, I will promote citizens’ duties and get involved in campus student organizations, telling my peers to also take responsibility in school and community. However, social responsibility is not limited to voting in elections or knowing one’s Congressmen. As president of my high school National Honor Society and an active volunteer, I value community service. Because I’m interested in medical school after college, I shall seek volunteer opportunities in local hospitals to help people in their time of need. Perhaps I can convince friends to join in. As a proud representative of my college, I will show the world that young adults are driven, hardworking, professional, and ready to make a difference in our world.To college, I also add my musical passion: a clarinetist since fifth grade, I have attended three Honor Bands and two All-State bands, and played as principal clarinet in my school band for all of high school. Playing clarinet is a way for me to express myself emotionally as well as refining a talent. It has also taught me dedication and a positive attitude. When I tried for my first Honor Band, I inadequately prepared my audition and placed fourteenth out of fifteen. I found it embarrassing at first, but then I worked harder on my auditions for the next year and placed first! From that I learned to keep a ‘don’t up’ attitude, because a little extra effort can help me a lot. College, too, will be tough, with difficult classes and separation from family. However, by never giving up and putting in my best efforts, university life will be all right.To college, I add my ability to have fun: just recently, I organized a Sadie Hawkins outing for all of my single friends. We dressed as flowers and went to a late dinner at Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant. Although most of our friends brought dates to the dance, we single girls ensured that lack of dates didn’t mean we missed out. I also make room for fun and jokes in my extracurricular activities, such as Math League. Math-related jokes like “What do you get when you divide a cow’s circumference by its diameter? Cow pi.” This remarkable team chemistry carried us all the way to the State tournament, where we were bantering and quibbling through the tests. I know how to have fun and keep upbeat. This is most important to me because when college pressures are overwhelming, I can relieve stress by sharing some laughs with friends. The best part of high school is enjoying my final years as a kid; but college will be a blast!

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