What do you know?

Pose an original question and answer it.

Pose an original question and answer it.The traditional greetings of the hipsters in my area never really caught on with me. A “What’s popping?” or “Holla at yo’ boy?” coming out of my mouth would’ve screamed “trying too hard,” so I always refrained. Instead, my greeting of choice is to catch unsuspecting victims off guard with a casual “What do you know?” I like to attribute this to my constant quest for knowledge, but it’s more likely a combination of my acerbic wit, personable nature, and underlying desire for dominion, as the victims typically become submissive after this subliminal assertion of power (It’s a problem, I know. I’m working on it). Seeing as I’ve flustered countless numbers of victims with this technique, I think it’s time that I explore my own answer to this question. I don’t know if I’ll get to enjoy the same feeling of superiority that usually accompanies, but it’s all for the sake of fairness.What do you know?I know that the majority of suicides occur on a Monday, the plane attendants at the end of Casablanca were actually midgets, Bill Gates’ house was designed by a Macintosh computer, and tampering with someone else’s crab pot is a felony in Florida. These tidbits of knowledge represent my love for the randomness of the world. While I support the goals of institutional education, I’ve found that I’ve learned the most in my life outside of school. I consider myself a student of the world, and I wake up every day excited to learn more about it. I also know the specific differences between “liberal” states and “social democracies,” the record-holder for FIFA World Cup goals, Rawls’ theory of justice, Emerson’s thoughts on transcendentalism, and Martin Scorsese’s signature filming techniques. Evidently, this question I pose can also serve to identify areas of expertise or interest in an individual. While the typical response to this question is a bewildered “Huh?” I was once surprised to hear an answer of substance. Upon being introduced to a friend of a friend, my assertion of power was reciprocated as my “victim” sharply responded, “I know that Picasso had to burn his own paintings to survive the cold winters when he was young.” Obviously, I was taken aback, but pleased to have found a response. Clearly this person was interested in art and/or homelessness. Manifested in my answers, I’m ascertainably interested in politics, soccer, philosophy, the Transcendentalist movement, and film. Finally, I know that I know very little. The day I become content with how much I know is the day I stop enjoying life. On a day-to-day basis, I’m humbled and motivated by the mass of knowledge that is waiting for me to grasp and utilize it. I don’t know what awaits me at Macaulay Honors College (should I be so blessed) but I want to find out. The unknown is inherently enticing; I know that I want to know all that there is to know.

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