Unconditional Love

Common Application – Topic of Your Choice

The roaring waves crashed against the rocks. The sky was black except for two glowing fluorescent lights in a distance. I stood alone facing the Pacific Ocean and tears slowly trickled down my face but the wind quickly blew them away into the retreating sand. It was a cold December night on which I had another petty argument with my mother. Earlier, she was on the phone with my grandmother for more than an hour. I anticipated a celebration for the holiday, not a longwinded conversation with my grandmother. My mother sounded quiet concerned. She just never wants to spend any time with me, I thought to myself. Anger trailed behind as I slammed the door and walked out to the beach. After I came back home, my mother gave me a tirade about how I should not go outside alone at night. I should not have fought back, but my tongue could not control my emotions. I was tired of her control over my daily affairs. I talked loudly to assert my independence and bravado. Then, she said, “You are old enough but you still do not know how to make me happy.” Her expression was a mirror that gave an unforgiving reflection of my personality. My cheeks burned as I stood there in silence, quietly recognizing that everything she said was true. My flaws felt as if they were etched on my forehead. The argument quickly turned into a pointless and bitter conversation. For the next week, we would not talk to each other. This scenario has been repeated several times as I grew up with a strict but caring mother. Maybe she was doing the right thing, but at the moment, I did not understand. Later, I discovered that my grandmother had crashed into a car while crossing the street. She remained unconscious in the hospital for many hours. After learning about this dire situation, I suddenly realized that my mother did the right thing. I felt so childish and selfish. I deserved her silent punishment. This was the best mistake I have ever made because my mother starkly exposed my flaws. She spotted my weaknesses more quickly than anyone else. She made me personally experience the harm from the lack of filial piety and sympathy for other human beings. After our bickering, I knew that my character definitely needed improvement. Now, I can clearly see why and how I should change. That argument has taught me much more than what teachers did in the classrooms.I am so glad I made the mistake of walking alone on the beach on that cold December night. The quarrel that ensued was an awakening. My mother defeated my selfish and hubristic attitude. She opened a door that transformed me into a considerate individual for others’ predicaments. She taught her daughter the meaning of unconditional love.

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