Outside the Box

What do you wonder about, ponder, or wish you knew more about that isn’t within your intended field of study? Would you ever be willing to put all else on hold to satisfy your curiosity?

As I graduate from high school with just enough basic understanding of the arts and sciences to appreciate their complexity and depth, I find myself constantly investigating a broad range of topics. My intended field of study is biology, with the hope of someday studying medicine. Although an MD is my educational goal, I have come to the conclusion that life is a constant process of gaining knowledge. It is in this spirit that I would be willing to put everything else on hold to satisfy a curiosity that may arise. Before I enter medical school, I wish I could explore the field of oceanography, as it has always fascinated me. It is said that we know less about our oceans than we do of our moon. I would love to take part in the discovery and protection of our world’s oceans, as they are the essential lifeblood of our planet, and are deteriorating at an alarming rate. In no way do I feel that my educational foundation needs to be in a linear-sequential direction. Sometimes it is a combination of interests that creates the most interesting people, as well as some of the most employable and creative graduates. Education founded by passion will be embraced, and the student will usually be exceptionally driven, leading to a higher calibre of understanding and application. Consider a degree in sociology and medicine; a combination that creates an incredible understanding of the patient’s background. This is certainly more valuable than either individual degree. Finally, I truly believe education should not be directed by an attempt to collect graduation credit, but rather in an attempt to follow a passion. This will undoubtedly lead to a path we do not expect, and results we cannot imagine.

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