Why I Want a College Education

Why do you want to go to college?

Looking down at the college preparation pamphlet laying on my dresser never seemed so dramatic, but with every word I read, and every page I turned, I could practically feel my future rushing towards me. As I approach the end of my high school I experience, I look back and remember two questions I was constantly asked from the beginning of freshman year, to just last night. “Where are you going to college, and what do you want to study?” Even more superfluous than the questions themselves are the answers, telling people what I want to major in and where I want to study has become redundant, tiresome, and even monotonous. As passionate as I am about what I want to study and the schools that I am considering, the more I think about it, the more I feel there is one crucial question that seems to be omitted from the conversation each and every time. “Why are you going to college?” Am I going because both of my parents went, or because my friends are going? Or am I going simply to follow the American standard of go to high school, then college, then get a job? With increasing college tuition, a financial recession, and jobs only few and far between, it is no shock that more and more people are turning their heads to alternatives to a four- year university. With that being said, now more than ever, is it more important to answer the question, “Why do I want to go to college?” I want to go because I am an adventurer, I am a dreamer and I am an innovator. I am the future of this country, and instead of following, I want to lead. I want to go to explore the world with a better understanding of what I am going to explore. I want to know the feeling of waking up every day with something to look forward to. I want to have all of the possibilities of the world at my finger tips, and essentially, that is what I believe college is. Listening to my friends tell me that they are going to go to college to get a job, or because their parents told them to, makes me wonder whether college education is just about getting a job. To me the answer is overwhelmingly obvious; no. Post secondary education is an experience that promises much more than just a simple paycheck. Not only does a college education teach skills pertinent to obtaining a job in a certain career field, it also teaches discipline, independence, and critical thinking while opening up the world to so several opportunities that were not previously available. Colleges prepare their students for the real world, which is worth so much more than a high school diploma. I look forward to the challenges that college will bring. Being an AP student, I’m aware of the rigors and rewards of pushing myself to learn more. I’m not going to college to waste my time, nor am I going to waste the time of the university that gives me the chance to be their student. I strive for the opportunity to pursue my dreams on the road less traveled, not only to get an education or get a job, but to assure myself of my passion and what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I definitely believe college is a time to explore and open myself to the numerous opportunities the world has to offer. As one of the 3.2 million students graduating high school in 2013, I have my whole life ahead of me. While numerous students will be going to college due to parental persuasion as well as pressure from their peers and school, I can confidently entrust in the fact that my decision was my own. I look forward to the challenges and experiences in my future and I am grateful to the university which gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams, whatever they may be.

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