Last Two Summers

What I did over the last two summers.

During the summer of 2011, I switched to a new club swim team with my best friend and we were motivated to push each other to faster times. That was also my second summer working at my dad’s office, so I was happy to have been given more responsibility. I charted the effects of medicines he was administering which helped his office run more effectively. Soon my days pleasantly fell into routine. I would head to practice at six in the morning, then eat breakfast with teammates, drive to work, and then go back to practice again until four in the afternoon. This routine enabled me to keep more focused. By the end of the summer, my best friend and I had achieved our goal of making the Olympic Trials cut. I had never been happier, and to make the cut with my best friend only made it sweeter. The summer of 2012 started in the water. All my focus was directed towards training for the Olympic Trials in Omaha. I continued my routine from the previous summer. When the meet finally came in early July, I could not have been more prepared and was excited with my results. After the trials, I spent a long, relaxing weekend with a friend in upstate New York at the Finger Lakes. I was also able to see the musical Mary Poppins on Broadway. It was incredible to see such fantastic acting, which rekindled my childhood passion for the stage. If I did not swim, I think I would be an actor. After New York, I got back in the pool to train for the Junior National meet at the end of the summer and continued my work on college applications. During any free time, my friends and I would collaborate online over a digital “sandbox-building” game called Minecraft, and constructed scale models of everything from a Roman city to a more modernized version of the Natatorium we swim in everyday. On Saturday afternoons, this same group of friends would get together for a competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee.

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