The Experience that Lives On

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.

“Can I touch you there?” As an 8-year-old, I didn’t know what to say. I was obedient. I was shy. I was afraid of speaking up and being judged. So instead of answering the question, I stayed silent and was sexually abused by a family member. He took advantage of my innocence and timidity. When my aunt found out and confronted me upon the matter, I burst into tears because I knew that this was going to spread like forest fire to everyone in the family tree, and I was going to be humiliated as being the victim of an assault. Unfortunately, things went in a different direction. My family members were appalled and in disbelief because this was not “like him” and thought that I was just a naïve and young girl who did not fully comprehend the situation. But I understood everything; this frustration created my epiphany for the development of my ongoing drive to success. At first, the questions of “what ifs” and “why didn’t I” popped up; I wanted to regret all of it, but instead, I spun it around.This experience has given me the strength to persevere and present me with more of a profound outlook on life. Weakness was not my option anymore. My mindset was to lead and be informed and up-to-date with everything. Holding multiple leadership positions gives me the power for my voice to be heard and not be overshadowed. I always try to be that servant leader and put others first for their well-being. My strong desire is to further my education because, this time, I believe in myself. I believe that I can help the people around me through my determination and inspiration to aspire others to become the person they always wanted to be. Knowledge is the key, and I will keep trying my best to obtain it.I am thankful that this experience stopped where it needed to be stopped. It has made an impact to motivate me for the rest of my life. Because of this, I strive to be a better person and aid those around me to do the same as well. I am hard-working. I lead. I am not submissive. And I make known beyond reasonable doubt for what I deem to be the right choice or judgment. I follow through with what I say and stay committed when placed on the task. Expectations are not my boundaries because I know the horizons that I can reach extend much farther than that. I will reach that full potential I have always hoped for.

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