Statement of Purpose

Statement of purpose. Statement should be a two-page overview of the applicant’s academic and professional goals, stating previous experience and describing preparation for and commitment to further study.

In fourth grade, after recovering from a brief “I want to be a waitress!” phase, I discovered art, and knew that one day I would become an artist. At that age, I knew people liked art and I had fun creating art, so it seemed like the perfect thing to pursue. Since the fourth grade, art has become a much more intimate and sacred pastime for me. Art is a wonderful form of personal expression, and I enjoy using it to communicate ideas and to create aesthetic experiences. For over six years I have taken private lessons at an art studio in my community. I enjoy working on large projects with supplies such as oil paints that I don’t have access to at my high school. My instructor is a professional artist, and has been a valuable resource for advice concerning my artwork and plans for my future. In high school, I took Studio Art I during sophomore year and was advanced to Studio Art III during my junior year. In addition, I also took photojournalism and learned basic photography and darkroom skills, which I often incorporate into my artwork. This year, I am enrolled in AP 2-D Design and am enjoying building up my portfolio. In my portfolio work, I am concentrating on the marriage of technological advancement and growing isolationism in current society, a subject I feel very strongly about. I enjoy that my advanced art teacher encourages experimentation, giving students the opportunity to create their own project ideas as long as they promote artistic advancement. In addition, I am also currently enrolled in Web Design in hopes of learning PhotoShop and publishing skills, which I anticipate using in future work. Furthermore, I am president of my school’s book club and historian of the National Art Honor Society. I am also the entertainment cartoonist for our school newspaper, and am in the middle of my first year as a staff member for our school yearbook, The Maverick. In addition to reporting and editing work, I have been asked to provide the photography for the book’s end sheets and theme pages that will convey the concept of defying limits, our yearbook theme. I have enjoyed becoming more involved in my school since joining the yearbook staff and am very enthusiastic about our forthcoming book. In my spare time, after meeting all my art, yearbook and newspaper deadlines, I enjoy working in the darkroom, sewing, or trying out miscellaneous crafts. Most recently I’ve developed a taste for screen-printing and collage. I love creating art, and hope that by participating in these varied artistic activities I will be well prepared for a career as an artist, either as an illustrator, graphic designer or combination of the two. I hope to create unique artwork with a focus on the elements of design and would enjoy designing artwork for posters, book covers, web pages, product packaging or other communication-based areas in which talented artists are needed. I look forward to continuing to hone my skills and broaden my artistic horizons in college, the next step on my way to reaching my career goals.

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