Art Destroys Silence

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Every single time I step onto a stage, I feel as though I could faint. The only noise that breaks through the silent auditorium is the stepping of heels against the hardwood floor as I approach the middle of the stage. I take a deep breath as I look around me and raise my violin to play.

I am telling a story.

My violin takes off without a second thought and soon it has me completely under its control. My mind takes a break while my heart begins to pour all of its emotions out onto the stage for everyone to hear. I block out any distraction and the powerful sound of my own violin is the only force strong enough to gain my attention. I am my best self when I am surrounded by music, and I cannot imagine myself surviving without it.

In hindsight, my love for music comes to no surprise. My earliest memories are of my parents playing a medley of different musicians and genres at every moment of the day. Driving to preschool was always a time for Sheryl Crow, while falling asleep sounded like the songs of Bob Marley. Even if it was unintentional, my parents made sure that I had been immersed in every style of music I could get my hands on before I had entered grade school.

As my school life adapted, so did my artistic side. Loving both the practicality of traditional academic classes and the freedom of art, I was able to grow and find myself in a world where I was both challenged and curious. I will always credit my growth as a student and writer to my love for music, which has taught me to how to perfect something to the best of its ability while also realizing that each person’s interpretation will be different.

Although my nerves get the best of me and I nearly run off of the stage after every concert, I can feel myself soak it all in as my hands produce the closest thing to magic that I can muster. I have always been a storyteller, and through music I can translate the stories of thousands of composers before me. Being involved with different instruments and orchestras has introduced me to so many people with different stories, styles, and backgrounds all with one commonality: a passion for music.

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