My Inspiration, My Neighbor

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He never rang the doorbell, never knocked, just walked right in. Jackson never needed to knock; he was just “family.” He eats his meals with us, watches sports with us, and if it weren’t for the human eye, you’d think he was one of my siblings. Yet, Jackson looks different with his dark complexion; he is my adopted neighbor from Columbia. While he spends most of his time with my brother, I still see his unique smile everyday and hear his infectious laughter.

I think to myself, “What if?” What if Jackson had never been adopted? Thoughts like this leave a sour taste in my mouth. He came from a foundation for abandoned children. I realize that just as he took a risk coming to America, I must also take a risk. I dream about adopting abandoned children and creating a new life for them.

After attending a Kairos retreat, I reached the epiphany that God is found in the faces of others. I am willing to risk all my future comforts to be able to change the life of one underprivileged child. Just as I’m warmed by Jackson’s smile, I want to create more special smiles on others.

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