Why UNC Wilmington is Right For Me

Reflecting on your personal and educational goals, please write about how you believe UNC Wilmington will allow you to grow as a student and as a person.

When I toured UNC Wilmington as a junior, I was immediately intrigued by the atmosphere of the campus from the Warwick Center to the Marine Science Center. The staff on campus appeared to be dedicated to teaching and helping students with anything they needed. I believe UNC Wilmington is the ideal university for me to accomplish my goals as a student and as a person. The diversity UNC Wilmington offers in its vast number of educational programs will allow me to reach my potential academically. I am looking forward to attaining a degree but still am not completely sure of what major I want to pursue. UNC Wilmington’s counselors and programs for incoming freshmen will help me to decide on a major because of the number of programs offered. As a student, I am always looking for the opportunity to learn new things. UNC Wilmington will allow me to engage in new things and pursue opportunities that I will not be able to find anywhere else. In addition to allowing growth as a student, UNC Wilmington will allow me to pursue my personal goals. The extracurricular activities that UNC Wilmington has to offer are another factor that will allow me to grow as a person. Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to the sport of swimming. One thing that I was intrigued by at UNC Wilmington was the Seahawk Natatorium. I have been on numerous swim teams throughout my city, including club teams at my neighborhood pool, high school, and my local gym. The values that swimming has taught me have definitely had an impact on my goals in school and have helped me to mature. Swimming and other extra curricular programs at UNC Wilmington will help me to prosper as a person. UNC Wilmington will provide rigorous academic courses, teachers who are committed, and facilities that will help me to grow academically and socially as well as achieve success in my field of study.

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