Dream Internship at BODIES: The Exhibition

Describe your dream internship and what it would entail.

Describe your dream internship and what it would entail.When I walk into a room of real human corpses dissected and put on display, my initial response is not to shudder in horror as others might, but to inquire how it was possible to take an average human body and transform it into such a masterpiece of anatomy education. Because of this peculiar characteristic, my dream internship would be to work with Roy Glover, the chief medical examiner and spokesperson for BODIES: The Exhibition. My internship would encompass all aspects of the exhibition, from the laboratory where the embalming and dissection occurs, to the publicity and actual exhibition of the bodies. I would begin my internship in the laboratory, where I could experience firsthand the age old process of embalming. Then I would move to the next phase, where the body is dissected and prepared for display. I would be able to assist in a way that would allow me to learn more about the human anatomy while participating in this fascinating practice. Advertising the exhibition would be a complex and exciting business endeavor from which I could learn a lot about society as both consumers and marketers. Advertising would also allow me to deal with societal issues about the exhibit’s controversy. Some believe that the exhibit’s use of actual human cadavers in its displays is inhumane and disturbing, seeing as the displays are used to educate and entertain. During my internship, I would hope to advocate BODIES: The Exhibition and argue that, as with many things, using a genuine article is the best way to learn about anything, the human body being no exception. This aspect of my internship would be the most challenging because I would have to stand up for what I believe in wake of public criticism. This ability is important because it will have to be used repeatedly in life. Not only would this internship teach me about the exhibition and the human body, it would teach me about society and human nature as well. The exhibition itself would be the last leg of my internship, as all of the hard work came to fruition in the form of priceless facial expressions and intrigued audiences. BODIES: The Exhibition is a unique display that alters one’s thoughts from the world around to the world inside. However controversial, BODIES: The Exhibition is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon for which I can only dream to be an intern.

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