A Passion for Film

Explain why you have chosen your major.

I made my first movie when I was seven.It was a two-minute slasher flick entitled “Psycho Killer on the Loose”. I spelled “psycho” wrong on the movie’s hand-drawn title card. It starred my five-year-old brother as “the psycho” and my best friend as a teenage girl who aimlessly ran around the back yard flailing her arms in despair. Like a French New Wave masterpiece, it had little-to-no meaningful dialogue.

Although my first movie was not an Oscar contender, it marked the conception of my future goals — goals that have changed little since those formative years. Since I was seven, I have known that I would have a career in the film industry.

Growing up in an environment rich with music, art, and movies, I developed an early appreciation for the value of creativity and recognized that creativity was a dominant component in achieving personal happiness. As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my go-to answer was always “artist”. After making my first movie, however, I realized that my calling was to be a film-maker. All it took was the creation of one very scrappy scary movie, and I was hooked.

At this transitional time in our lives, I can see most of my peers scrambling to determine who they are and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. I feel fortunate that my early artistic endeavors granted me stable ground on which to stand when determining my future educational pursuits. I plan to study film in college to immerse myself in a rich community of creative peers, to sharpen my creative instincts, and to further refine my tradecraft. As I look to the future, I bristle with the excitement of knowing that I will be doing what I love throughout my academic and professional careers.

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