The Next Step

General essay used for admission describing self and why you would be a good candidate for various universities

They say “Patience is a virtue” and “Good things come to those who wait”. I believe better versions of those statements are “Passion is a virtue” and “Good things come to those who work”. These modified mottos are an explanation of who I am and what I hope to become. Through a college education I wish to be enriched intellectually and as a person so I can in turn give to the society that inspired me to believe so strongly in the importance of passion and a strong work ethic.I believe that it is better to do nothing than to act half-heartedly. With no passion behind one’s beliefs and actions their meaning has no anchor and the effect blows away on the wind. It is with a wholly dedicated and open heart and mind that I approach education. I am passionate about sucking as much as I can from a college education. With passion and perseverance I have attacked each and every project that I worked upon in high school and every class that stirred me. These experiences and learning opportunities have left their profound effect upon my enthusiasm and I am ready to resume my education and growth in a college environment. I will be involved not only in an educational setting but in an extracurricular one as well for only through both can one feed a passionate nature and grow.To be so dedicated and involved I cannot simply sit around and wait. To fully experience life and pass richness on to others I am going to stand up and work. With my high school leadership activities such as Student Council, Youth Service Organization, and drama I have learned that I must work and work hard. Time is fleeting and every moment counts. A passionate interest in these activities has fueled my work ethic the entire way. With a full realization of the work to come, I anticipate a collegiate challenge at every turn and I am determined to work at every class, extracurricular activity, and relationship.College has always been defined as a time for growth and I am so excited to be entering this environment. I feel that high school and the maturing that goes along with it has strengthened my passions and work ethic and I am ready to meet a whole new world and change it.

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