Martians Exist!

Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

Martians exist! My proof is my brother. On May 3, 1984, he was born John Smith. Four years, seven months, and eleven days later, I joined his family, along with another brother, a Terran, or human. John is far different from my Terran brother, because John possesses an easily noticeable charm that is very special. John will either make you fall in love with his alternate reality or abhor his childish, alien antics.

John is not really a Martian from Mars, but a Martian from our society. His mind thinks in ways that no Terran can understand. His special abilities are unrivaled by any other Terran. From birth, his fate was sealed, and he will live the rest of his life with this gift. John’s gift is a rare genetic disorder called Soto’s Syndrome, “a rare genetic disorder characterized by excessive physical growth during the first [two] to [three] years of life. The disorder may be accompanied by mild mental retardation, delayed motor, cognitive, and social development, hypotonia (low muscle tone), and speech impairments.” While some people may look at his condition as a setback towards living a full life, I see it as a different perspective toward what we believe is a true life of sustenance. John is not plagued by the society that drive us, like Manchurian children, to do every order it dictates, but instead he chooses what he wants, which usually comes in the form of a two-way radio. The radio represents his way of trying to speak with people outside his Terran comrades and family, to show that there are other forms of life and other ways to live. His reciprocation of the “ten-four” and other trucker idioms may vex some, but may enlighten others towards the diversity that this universe contains.

At times, it brings me to tears when I think about what John will never experience, what he will never be able to do, think, or live. What I think is necessary for a human being to experience and live might be completely different in his world. What are we missing that he has? What do we have that is so important that he is missing? Expanding on those thoughts, I began to thank God everyday for blessing me with such a brother and for giving me the ability to set myself apart from the crowd, to learn of things that no one else can experience. This epiphany leads me towards a Road to Damascus, where I begin to perceive a higher purpose to my life. I am not meant to be a normal Terran kid, but instead one destined towards great things once I can truly understand why I was given such a brother. As states in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another,” John has truly sharpened my skills towards becoming a better human being and I would not trade him for any Terran brother in the whole entire world.


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