The Only Girl on the Team

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Some girls might find it intimidating being the only girl among fifty male high schoolers. Other girls might see it as a dream come true. For me it doesn’t matter: I just want to play football.

My sophomore year it was announced that we would have a football team again. Maynard high school had decided to co-op with us. The meeting was after school. I was so excited and nervous that I hardly noticed I was wearing a pink dress that day. Well that is until the look I got from the football coach when I asked to join the team. He let me join, though, and thus started my football career.

The first day I was so nervous. I knew the guys from my school but, I knew nothing about how the Maynard guys were going to react to me. When I walked into the school thankfully I walked right into coach. He lead me straight to the girls locker room. The only thing wrong with this was that to get to the locker room we have to go through the gym where all the guys were lined up in the bleachers. The room hushed as I walked by and I tried to keep my head down. “Here’s the locker room. You can put your stuff right here. Change into this and meet us in the gym,” Coach explained. Then he was gone and I was left alone

I grabbed the clothes he had left me and quickly pulled them on. I stood and took a deep breath. As I walked to the end of the hallway I could hear the boys, “She’s so tiny she’ll never make it.” “I bet you five bucks she quits by tomorrow.” Who are they to judge me before they’ve even seen me play? With new found confidence I marched over to the bleachers and sat right in the front. I was going to show these boys what I was made of. My first day was difficult. It didn’t get better until I out ran everyone in sprints. After that I had their respect but, they still didn’t want me on the team. My acceptance didn’t come until the middle of the season. It was a difficult practice and coach had us lined up on the end line for sprints. “Okay Boys….and Lady. We’re going to try something new. If Leo catches the ball when I throw it we don’t have to sprint.” Coach threw the ball. Leo ran to catch it but, the ball just slipped right out of his fingers. Everyone groaned. “Oh don’t worry,” Coach says, “We can play double or nothing. If Becca catches the ball, we don’t have to sprint but, if she doesn’t we have double sprint.”

I was terrified. Are you kidding me? You can’t make me. I stood there shocked, all the boys cheering my name. This really can’t be happening. Coach looked toward me, “You might want to start running.” At that moment he threw the ball and I sprinted after it and by some miracle, I caught it. The whole team erupted in cheers and then the boys started running at me. My happiness suddenly changed to fear as I realized a herd of fifty boys were running at me. I didn’t have time to react when I was pulled off my feet and onto someone’s shoulders. The guys had finally accepted me as a part of team.

Sometimes it’s tough being the only girl. I get forgotten in the locker room or left out of inside jokes, but my team actually wants me to be a part of it now. And, of course, people ask me all the time why a girl who’s only five feet tall would ever even think to play football. That question always makes me smile because they don’t know how amazing it is.

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