Why Electrical Engineering?

Explain your interest in the major you selected and describe how you have recently explored or developed this interest, inside and/or outside the classroom. You may also explain how this major relates to your future career goals. Limit your response to 300-400 words.

All I heard was giggles coming from my classmates as my name was announced back during my middle school graduation ceremony. Mr. Raleigh, my eighth-grade geometry teacher, had nominated me for the “Human Calculator” award. As I embarrassingly yet proudly walked up to receive my award, some immature kids yelled out, “NERD!”, as others laughed along with it. Ironically, this was the moment I first convinced myself that I should actually compliment my strengths and pursue a STEM-related career in the future.

It’s easy to say as a middle schooler, but high school is the real test in determining what my real interests and strengths are. Throughout high school, I experimented with advanced math and science classes along with Project Lead The Way (PLTW) engineering courses to help decide which major best suits me. After completing the two introductory PLTW courses and with top scores on the National PLTW End-Of-Course Test, I chose to take Digital Electronics as my specialization course for my senior year. Out of all of the new and enriching learning experiences, Digital Electronics stands out to me the most.

I’ve never genuinely enjoyed waking up at six in the morning to attend first period, but this class proved otherwise. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the foundations of computing by engaging in circuit design processes and learn about combinational and sequential logic. Knowing that the hands-on experiences in this class are very similar to what electrical engineers regularly do in the industry, I realized by my senior year that this would be a great second choice major for me. I’m curious to go more in-depth into the field in college and work with modern technology prevalent in today’s society, such as nanotechnology and quantum devices. It fascinates me how chips and sensors smaller than a strand of hair can make such a huge difference in humanity.

As I chose bioengineering as my first-choice major and still my primary interest, one of my future goals would be to work on the medical side of electrical engineering. Since both fields are closely allied, such as the topic of biomedical sensing and probing, they rely on each other to create the best solutions possible. Therefore, along with my pursuit in electrical engineering, I aim to also contribute towards medical advancements.

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