What Makes This Black Guy Himself?

Each year, the University attempts to admit a student class with diverse backgrounds to bring diversity to the University campus. In an essay of no more than 300 words, tell us why you would be a fine addition to the diverse nature of students and faculty on campus.

I defy odds. From birth, doctors predicted bad things for me based on my environment, including that I would not be intelligent, because I lacked proper motor skills and speech proficiency. Today, I have defied those odds, because my mother didn’t believe their assumptions, and I didn’t believe them either. She pushed me to transcend all expectations, and has always supported me. I am an intellectual, because I engage in rational and creative thought and I am a driven scholar. I get assignments done early at the library everyday. I employ critical thinking for my assignments. I assist my classmates with problem solving and memorization. I can derive a conclusion from a variety of choices and approaches. I use my ever-expanding imagination to complete projects and constructive work at school and church. My parents call me the “Strangest Teenager in America,” since I don’t talk to people a lot, don’t listen to music, and I’m a black person that dislikes hot sauce. I have been more creative and comfortable in my home than outside since childhood, and I participate actively and efficiently within my house along with the rest of my family. I’m very talented at art; I have an aptitude for drawing and painting settings and living things. I’ve had exhibitions at art shows, and sold my art to people. One person said that I have “the mind of a mathematician, and the soul of an artist,” and I am self-taught. I know how to blend colors together to appeal to human taste. I want to be as influential a studio artist as Stan Lee and Matt Groening are today. People know me as a shy individual, lackadaisical towards politics, music, but I’m also a person with an easily triggered, explosive imagination.

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