I Love Teeth

In an essay of 300 words or less, please discuss your academic interests and/or professional goals.

A strong collective scent of generic medicine, hints of mint, and latex gloves permeate the orthodontic dental office, exciting me as I enter the place. I take a seat in the waiting room and impatiently wait for my name to be called. While waiting, I become engrossed in this amazing place. The variety of different teeth shapes, from the round and soft edged, to the pointed, and rough edged, fascinate me. The miraculous transformation of disordered, jagged teeth to ones so perfectly aligned, displayed in the illusive “before and after” posters, is magical. The sounds of the dialogue between the doctor and assistants, and the sharp noise of the drills and beeping equipment sounds, intensify the thrill and vivacity of this place. Above all, the smiles on the faces of patients, with and without braces, give me joy and delight. Undoubtedly, my passion resides within this place. I dream to be an orthodontist who can help create and bring a million more beautiful smiles into this world.My professional goal to be an orthodontist started with my academic interest in school. Since elementary, I have always enjoyed taking math and science classes. I joined many activities and programs, such as Math Olympiad, Math Counts, and the annual science fairs. My interest towards these fields continued to grow, evident in my solid grades in those classes. Therefore, I plan to continue my path by majoring in biology along with other science and math courses in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where vast opportunities are offered with excellent pre-professional programs and a rich education that will guide me to my dream dental school.

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