Discuss your academic interests and/or your professional goals.

My room is a reflection of me. From the moment you step inside, my organizational skills and creativity are apparent. My walls are covered with pictures and magazine cutouts, but they’re not just put there in any random way. My arrangements are creatively grouped by subject matter and themes. You will find the same to be true if you open my closet. It is color coordinated and grouped by type. I would like to apply my creativity and my organizational skills to my career and use them to help others.Being organized helps me to maintain order in my daily academic life. I prioritize my assignments and exhibit exceptional study habits. Taking precise notes and keeping them organized develops these good study habits, which allows me to be prepared for tests. The results of these skills are reflected in my average GPA of 3.7.My goal as a professional would be a career that would allow my creativity to benefit others. Careers in human resources, charitable organizations, or health management fields are some areas where I could use my skills to accomplish this goal. When I volunteered at Ronald McDonald House, I was able to see firsthand how organizations like this work, and it piqued my interest in pursuing this as a career. My creativity and organizational skills can also be used for planning events and activities for major corporations. I have always been the coordinator and planner of events within my group of friends and would like to bring that aspect of my life into my career.My room clearly portrays how my creativity and organizational skills can help me to see the big picture in any endeavor I undertake. I look forward to a rewarding career helping others. I hope to bring my skills and what I have learned through my life experiences into my future.

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