A Second Chance

Who or what has had a great impact on your life? How has it changed you as a person?

Our daily lives are characterized by incidences, changes, perks, and disappointments, and each morning we wait for fate to unfurl. Sometimes an event occurs that changes our whole outlook on life and gives us a new perspective to live by. An event such as this eternally transformed my life and gave me a reason to forever strive for the best. In autumn of 2003, I received a dreadful shock when the doctors said that my mother might have a brain tumor. Suddenly, her persistent headaches and haunting depression made sense. I found myself unable to digest the news, unable to fathom a day without her. It was because of this dreadful fear that my grades descended, and I gradually isolated myself from everything and everyone, forcing myself to forget the fact that some malignant tumor was slowly killing my mother. As the excruciating months passed by, my mother was given one medication after another, but her condition only worsened. Finally, the doctors declared that an MRI was necessary to diagnose my mother’s headaches, but the thought of this final solution threw my family into a tailspin. Fearing the worst but acknowledging the fact that we needed answers, we prayed fervently that the results would not prove fatal. A week after the MRI, I slowly walked home, desperately trying to steel myself for the news. But as I stepped into my house, I saw my mother smiling at me, and all my worries vanished. The doctors examined my mother’s headaches further, but the prognosis was good. This experience not only made me aware of my emotional strength, but also helped me to realize just how dramatically a single event can affect an individual. I had never valued life as much as I do today. I am forever thankful to God for giving my mother another chance in life, and I do not dare to take anything for granted. I know that there are no guarantees in life, and I strive to approach every day of my life with an eye towards maximizing its potential. I am thankful for the wonderful blessings I have been given, and now spend less time focusing on what I do not have. The threat to my mother’s life showed me just how important each and every moment in life is. To this day, I look at every opportunity as a prize. I earned straight As in all of my classes last year, and I continue to push myself in every aspect of my life. I now realize that a second chance comes along once in a lifetime, and feel that those who are given this profound gift should make it their highest priority to make the most of it.

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