The Means By Which I Better My Community

What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the university community?

In order to contribute to a community of any size or structure, some aspect of said community must be made better. This can be something as simple as cleaning up refuse or as profound as changing the way people live their lives. Regardless of the magnitude by which one seeks to better their community, certain attentiveness to detail must be present in addition to a drive to accomplish whatever it is that requires attention. It is this solicitous nature and impetus for change that I possess and feel will allow me to unequivocally contribute to the University of Florida’s community through the continuation of my role as a leader among my peers.I observe the subtle nuances of everything I’m involved with, from projects and tasks to the very people working with me. Such attention to detail allows me to anticipate and solve most dilemmas before they cause problems. This often objective and analytical approach will thus aid me in my ability to detect problems around me. However, being able to isolate even the most complex crisis is of no value whatsoever if the individual at hand is either unable or unwilling to take the appropriate steps towards mitigation.Having the motivation to work towards a solution is the second integral part of this union. I am motivated by both my conscience and my desire to see improvement when moving forward towards an objective. My undying drive to see aspirations accomplished and purpose fulfilled ensures that either problems will be solved or the status quo will be made even better.My combination of a heedful mindset coupled with a motivation for action maximizes my ability to better those around me and to contribute to the communities that I am a proud member of.

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