My Life

General explanation of who I am and why the university should accept me

“Jooooorrrrddddannnnn,” my mom screamed with utter fear and panic in her voice. Surprisingly, amongst all of the chaos, her voice was all that I heard. I’m not sure if I was disoriented, bewildered or just in complete shock but at that particular moment, I felt nothing. That feeling of nothingness lasted 2.5 seconds because then the excruciating pain began. My knee felt as if someone had hit me with a Mack truck going 90 miles per hour. For the first time in my life, I had experienced real pain. I was 10 years old and I shattered my knee.

I have always been a well rounded student. My focus has always been on my school and everything that comes along with it, which included extra-curricular activities. I was an avid gymnast. I had been in gymnastics since I was 3 years old. My parents were both extremely athletic. My dad was an All-American college football player and my mom was a cheerleader, so it was only fitting that I participated in something athletically strenuous as well. They decided the earlier I began, the better I would be. I tried gymnastics and fell in love. I became a star athlete. I won several trophies and had my picture on posters, and at bus stops. We also took pictures next to the bus stops that had my picture there. My dad brags about the fact that Chelsea Piers in New York City had a poster of me hung in the lobby as soon as you entered. I had been traveling regularly for gymnastics meets and I was on top of the world.

I practiced every day after school as well as on weekends. I had just had my 10th birthday and I was at gymnastics practice as usual. I remember the day being rainy and dreary. It was my turn to get on the uneven bars. You would think that I would have a gut feeling or something but there was nothing. I did everything regularly but something happened on the dismount. I didn’t get enough air prior to landing and that led to my feet not properly planting and my knee taking the brunt of the impact. I was rushed to the hospital and received several knee surgeries. To this day I have a 4 inch long and ½ inch wide scar on my knee. I did gymnastics for another year and my parents decided that they couldn’t afford it anymore. I eventually turned all my energy into my studies and volunteer activities and that’s when I discovered my love of helping others.

Over the next couple years, I stayed focused and found a new outlet for my athletic nature. I joined my high school weightlifting team and have been so for the past 3 years. I won the conference competition 2 years in a row and I’m currently working on the 3rd one. My goal is to receive the title of strongest girl in Seminole County. I was also featured in the newspaper, which made my parents extremely proud. In addition to school and weightlifting, I work at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. I love my job. My favorite part is interacting with tourists and the regulars. I am extremely personable and this job allows me to improve my interactive skills because I deal with people from different walks of life.

I have always been told that I am extremely mature for my age. I just feel that I have been honored and blessed to have had experiences that I have had. I know what it feels like to receive and I have learned what it is like to give back to others. I find great enjoyment in being a support system for people who needs it. I am a part of the anti-bullying club and I volunteer at numerous soup kitchens on a monthly basis. I love the feeling that it gives me. This feeling has lead me to want to enter the medical field where I can help people. Just like my doctors, coaches, family, and friends have helped me over the years. My goal is to become an obstetrician. I have also learned that working at Universal Studios forces me to remember that life is about having fun. It doesn’t matter how old you become, fun never ages. The way you have fun might change, but having fun itself never gets old.

My diverse experiences, personable nature, and desire to give back to others would be a great asset to the university.

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