How will your individual background, experiences and personal identity influence your educational pursuits and your contributions to the campus community at the University of Florida?

Essentially, individuality is a product of nature and nurture. I believe that one’s individuality, comprised of many factors, ultimately predicts their later success and influence. A product of my environment, my unique upbringing has affected my life choices and shaped me into the balanced scholar athlete that I am today. Heredity aided in creation of my strong intrinsic motivation, which has driven me to pursue excellence in all arenas of my life. These powerful forces, existent in each of us, have distinctively impacted my high school career and will serve to do so at the University of Florida as well.Declared “gifted” at an early age I was exposed to many opportunities to enhance my five years of education. The chance to learn basic algebra and practice advanced semantics helped me begin to realize my potential. This collaborated with my love of mathematics, existent since childhood, and my passion for all things scholastic began to take shape. Throughout elementary and middle school, my range of interests saw various foci from academics to athletics to music and back again. These experiences helped me to identify my interests, form my identity and pursue a fulfilling high school career.Upon entrance into high school, I found my niche in math. On weekdays, if not in a swimming pool you could often find me at school attending Mu Alpha Theta math club practice. Attaining the distinction of “school winner” as a freshman in the American Mathematics Competition opened my eyes to the true balance I had established. I found that I need not confine myself to a single passion when I could pursue several. This realization was key; I redefined my fifteen year-old self as a devoted swimmer who excels academically. My high school goals changed and I learned to thrive in both the academic and athletic spheres. Setting me apart from my classmates, I now embody both a gifted athlete and a devoted student.Both aspects of my individuality, my nature and my nurture, have united to form my personal identity. While most high school seniors are struggling to relate their interests and discover themselves, I consider myself blessed to have always had a clear view of my priorities. This perspective has helped keep me focused on my future and constantly working towards my goals, and will allow me to contribute significantly to the University of Florida.

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