Passion for Music

While a University of Delaware education ensures that intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning become habits of the mind, our long tradition of public service also produces graduates who have a positive impact on their communities. Have you discovered your passion for a particular subject or a cause? Tell us about it.

Passion is an essential part of anyone’s life. People turn passions into lifestyles and careers and allow their passions to develop and define who they are. Medical doctors are passionate about the human body, lawyers are passionate about the judicial system, and writers are passionate about language. Everyone has a passion that drives them to achieve their goals and become who they want to be in life. Ever since I became a musician, my greatest passion has been music. My passion for music first started a few years ago when I received my first guitar. From the moment I picked it up and started playing, I knew that it would immediately become a major part of my life. Over the past few years I have improved immensely in my musical abilities and have been steadily committed to improving even more and becoming the best I can be. I hope that the time that I have spent pursuing my passion will benefit me when the time comes where my education in music will challenge me to rise and succeed as a musician. Even though I did not begin playing my instrument or studying music until later than most of the musicians that I must compete with today, I believe that my hard work and dedication will allow me to stand out and succeed in the music industry. Music is a very powerful and universal tool in society. I have chosen to turn my passion for music into the pursuit of a career in music not only because it is what I love to do, but because I want the music I create to have a positive impact on the people who listen to it. I believe that my education will help promote this passion even further and make me a better musician so that I can have a more powerful impact on my community and the rest of the world.

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