What is an activity you care about?

It felt like I was flying and in control of where I wanted to go.

Expecting to spend most of my time on the ground, I surprisingly stayed on my feet loving every minute of this adventure.

Snowboarding has not only become a sport that I really enjoy, but it is also inspirational to me. Hearing friends tell me that it would be a struggle to learn and I might break a bone, I decided to take the risk anyway and discover for myself. The first day was challenging, but I really loved the challenge, and excitement of learning a different sport. Enjoying this new experience I realized that if I hadn’t made my own decision to try it, I would have never discovered it.

This experience has also made me realize that even though getting input and opinions from others is valuable, I need to always make my own decisions in life. I think that everyone has important reasons for things they say and do but that should not influence other people from making the right decision for them. Everyone is different and that is a great thing.

In college, I hope to meet people of all different backgrounds and interests so I can make new discoveries and share my interests with them too.

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