My World

Describe the world you come from.

It took one spin class to decide I wanted to make this workout part of my life. During that hour I escape my sense of reality; at the same time, there are direct connections between spin class and the world I come from. The class has given me the opportunity to reflect on my life in a new and rewarding way.The spin instructor often calls out what level, from 1-10, at which we should be pedaling. I easily found the knob to change the resistance, but I didn’t realize at first that there were no set levels – 1-10 refers to personal best, and the most difficult resistance changes from person to person. Everyone has a different limit to which they can push themselves, and there is no one but yourself to determine what that limit is. I come from a family that supports similar self-discipline and accountability. My parents are supportive, but they allow my drive to come from within. They never made me take an honors class or pursue an activity that I didn’t want to; rather, they encouraged me to succeed from within. As a result, I have found in high school my personal ten.Spin class contains many elements including sprints, hills, bumps, and recovery. While most of my life has been a smooth ride, I have experienced similar challenges at times. One bump has been my brother’s autism. Just as the difficult elements of spin make you stronger, dealing with my brother’s disability has made me more mature and independent. I experienced a sprint recently when the writing staff at California Teen magazine, for which I am an Assistant Editor, decided they didn’t have much interest in the magazine anymore. The other editor and I decided to push through and continue to publish the magazine. We split the work and I ended up learning more about publishing and my passion for the magazine industry than I would have otherwise. In fact, that sprint confirmed that I want to pursue this field in college. At spin, you never know what the instructor has planned after a hill. Sometimes I anticipate a recovery period only to discover that more sprints await me. I never know what to expect in life, either, but I have learned from spin class that I will find the inner strength to overcome whatever difficulty may arise. Also, we spend a few minutes in each class setting goals for ourselves. I have set many personal goals as well; these include keeping good friendships, making smart decisions, and becoming more outgoing. I believe I have accomplished each of these goals over the past three years.At the end of a hard spin class I feel better than I did before it began; this class has helped me realize that personal and physical challenges bring me pride, joy, and accomplishment. I plan on making spin part of my life routine and I will always keep in mind the lessons it has taught me about who I am and how to live a courageous, dedicated, and ambitious life. Not only is spin part of the world I come from, it has also helped me understand and appreciate that world more than I would have without it. 

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