Personal Statement ABC’s

Please provide a personal statement.

(A)mbition, balance and commitment are the three qualities that I refer to as my “ABC’s” for achieving “D”, my dream. (B)eing successful depends on continual awareness of your ABC’s. (C)arefully following this philosophy has guided me through times of success and adversity. (D)own in the developing country of El Salvador, I have grown up in a challenging environment, impacted by both my American influences and my Latin roots. (E)manating from this has been my steadfast focus on my life perspectives.(F)or twelve years, a savage civil war left El Salvador bereft of an adequate educational system, as educators and professionals had fled the country during the conflict. (G)iven a chance for peace, the country now has the fastest-growing economy in the Central American region. (H)ere, my father’s influence and invaluable example have profoundly shaped my personal philosophy. (I) have watched my father succeed because of his drive, responsibility, and dedication, and I believe that I share the same sense of ambition. (J)oining the force that is reshaping the infrastructure of the country that has given me so much is my true ambition.(K)nowing one’s balance is often thought of as an integral component of eastern philosophy. (L)uckily, I have come to understand how this balance affects my own life. (M)y mother is a prime example of this: she skillfully juggles her role as manager in her company, while taking care of her family. (N)ot only by following her model, I have been able to achieve balance between my life and the realities of the conditions in my country. (O)nly by maintaining balance in the many facets of my life can I hope to eventually attain my goals. (P)erpetual commitment is the third and most important ingredient in achieving my dreams. (Q)uality of commitment to a project can decide how quickly a setback is to be overcome. (R)eality has its ups and downs, and throws each individual unforeseen challenges. (S)uccumbing to problems can cause a profound loss of self-confidence. (T)hus, I must remember my dream and philosophy, and continue on regardless of the adversities with which I am faced. (U)ndeniably, my hard work and dedication will ultimately pay off.(V)igorous commitment to gain acceptance at your university and to become part of its world-class program is essential; later, I will be able to bring this knowledge and training to my career. (W)ith these ABC’s in mind, I hope that you will afford me the opportunity to pursue my dream. (X)anadu was a place of idyllic beauty, and UC Berkeley is similar to this location in that it has a lot to offer me: extraordinary programs, high educational standards, and a diverse student population. (Y)outhful exuberance, strong convictions, dedication and a global perspective are what I have to offer the UC community in return. (Z)ealously, I hope that you share my ambition, and that we will be able to make a mutual commitment.

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