Why Tulane

Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane University (optional). 50-800 words.

“Great things happen here,” was my thought when I first walked into Google’s Chicago headquarters. A field trip sponsored by Loyola’s Leadership Mentor Program took us to experience the organic and creative atmosphere of Google and learn about career opportunities. In Loyola’s LA Tank, I experienced how companies like Google get their start. Groups of students created, pitched, and marketed their own unique products, often starting from nothing but a simple concept and turning it into something great.

I applied these experiences, and the knowledge and diligence that they fostered, to my own life. I used my 10 years as a tennis player and entrepreneurial skills to develop my own business venture – Match Point Kids Tennis. I coach children of different ages and skill levels. To advertise, I hung up brightly colored posters around town and created a website. Through coaching, I am I able to share my love for the sport with others, while learning the basics of business.

I’m passionate about business – how it works and how it can bring about positive change in society. At Tulane I plan to develop my business skills further. The University’s thriving academic community will provide me with the skills I need to transform from a young girl that opened up a small tennis business to a polished business professional.

Growing up I was always attracted to business, but never realized how male-dominated the field is. As I sat down in my Economics class on the first day of Senior year, I looked around at my class of 28 students, and noticed that only five of them were girls. I realized that women are underrepresented in business. This lack of female presence did not dissuade me, it has motivated me to work even harder to excel in the class and my career.

The inclusive community at Tulane will give me the support I will need to thrive. The Women in Business student organization will help me feel accepted in the business community. The strong women’s network will support me in the future as I navigate the predominantly male field of business. As I continued to scroll through the long list of programs and clubs, I realized how well represented and respected the female students are. As a fierce advocate for feminism and women’s rights, many of the programs and organizations caught my eye. The Feminist Alliance of Students at Tulane (FAST) club will allow me to advocate for the equality of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities. The Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ) will help me support reproductive rights and educate others on this pressing issue. Because I attended a high school that was demographically homogeneous, I was often standing alone when I stood up for the issues I am passionate about. At Tulane, I will not only be welcomed, but will be given the skills needed to adequately fight for causes I care about.

Tulane will not only help me become my best self, but enable me to help others. After going to a Jesuit high school for four years, the idea of fiercely protecting the human dignity of others has been deeply ingrained in me. Because of this, the Center for Public Service is especially appealing to me. The service learning will give me an opportunity to combine my passion for service with academics to impact the lives of others. I will use my abilities to help those in need, while developing the skills needed to become a compassionate leader in the business field. Tulane will give me the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world.

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