Me, Myself, and

Describe your background, high school life, and your plans for the future in 500 words or less. Please refrain from using the word “I.”

From past to present, and soon to be my future, my development into a young adult has blossomed me into a witty and hard-working lady. As an Army child, my family moved around from base to base quite a bit; some can say my mindset is nomadic. Being the new kid always created an opportunity for making many new friends. Currently my plans are to go to a massive university to get a bachelors degree in Advertising and Public Relations. In short, the blood within me is pure, beach-bred Virginian. A large percentage of my young life was spent on the beach and the boardwalk. Around the age of five is when we began moving. A lot of the names and experiences fail to come to memory, but the list of states is astonishing. My family lived in Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, California, and Florida. However, no major memories or life-changing experiences come to mind, more than likely the result of my poor memory.. After a messy divorce, my mother found herself in Tennessee with a new husband and a new job as a helicopter mechanic. Being my home since fifth grade, the state of Tennessee has grown on me.The wonderful and awkward stages of teen-hood came with more than just puberty and bad taste in music. At the start of my high school career, my intentions and work ethic were horrid. My concerns and priorities were in the wrong place and I certainly had no idea what the worth of education and morals were. Sophomore year taught me about what to take seriously and what to take with a grain of salt; faulty friendships were certainly the defining point of that year. Junior year was a whirlpool of maturing. My car, job and goals pushed me through to decide my tentative future plans. Currently on the launching pad known as senior year, others and I are getting ready for the unknown journey ahead. As yearbook editor and a straight A student, the progress in the past 4 years is simply amazing. A few interests of mine include film, traveling to foreign countries, and organizing spaces.My future plans are to go to a university, ideally one with a great history and large student size, in pursuit of a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the college of Mass Communications. Ideally, my home would stay in an urban location such as Murfreesboro or Norfolk, Virginia. Working for a large corporation or insurance company is a strong desire of mine, as a cubicle lifestyle never particularly bothered me. In reflection, my life progression thus far is nothing out of the ordinary: a normal, traveling girl has finally settled down and grown into a responsible young lady. The support of my family and friends has helped set me in the right direction. Because of how unpredictable life may be, my plans could end up producing a completely different outcome. One can only hope that life is generous and will give me time to live to fullest.

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