Wanted: Intellectual Passion

Self-identity and personal expression take many forms. Who are you?

When I was young, I played golf with my dad in the summer, and people always told me I had a beautiful follow-through, but I never took the game seriously. After Sophomore year, however, my view on golf changed. I became obsessed, yet frustrated with the sheer difficulty of golf and my obvious lack of skill (not talent). Never before had I encountered something so difficult that, even when I dedicated myself to it, I did not succeed. That summer, I joined a cutting-edge golf academy and fully dedicated myself to improving. I practiced, trained, took more lessons, and slowly began to improve. Somewhere between my dawn and dusk practices sessions, I began to show signs of being a real golfer. Golf is a passion, but it is not where my future lies. I possess more talent in most other sports, but golf garnered my unwavering focus. Perhaps I chose golf because it did not come easily. More important, however, is my ability to dedicate myself to an interest. This is who I am, a seventeen year old student hoping to find an intellectual area which challenges me, evoking and capturing my passion.

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