Tufts: The Perfect Fit for my Personality

Discuss the aspects of Tufts’ curriculum or academic program that prompted your application to the university’s Class of 2010.

Offering a wide array of courses, Tufts University is an institution where I can pursue my diverse interests in satisfying detail. The esteemed professors, exemplary facilities, and noble mission of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy create an undergraduate environment in which I can immerse myself in international relations. Furthermore, the international makeup of the student body creates a worldly perspective that provides a valuable supplement to classroom study. Tufts’ formidable linguistic programs are yet another appealing feature of its academic repertoire. My interest in global studies naturally breeds a potent desire to learn languages. Furthermore, as an American-Israeli, I maintain a strong desire to master Hebrew; Tufts’ lauded Hebrew program is a rare commodity among elite American universities. In stark contrast to gargantuan universities, which are often overrun by teaching assistants and filled with enormous lecture halls, Tufts offers an atmosphere of familiarity in which professors and students interact on a more personal level. This creates a highly engaging classroom environment characterized by class discussions and one-on-one consultations. It is in this exceptional educational framework that I truly feel that I can blossom. Tufts also captivates me because the quality of life is appealing. I can study the finer points of Zoroastrianism for three hours and then participate in the Naked Quad Run (not that I have any strong desire to run naked through campus…I merely choose this as an example to illustrate the juxtaposition between learning and leisure that I find so appealing about Tufts). In my opinion, the bottom line is this: students are happy at Tufts.

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