The Importance of Honors Programs to Fulfill Interdisciplinary Goals

How will the Honors College enrich your educational experience, and how will you be able to give back to the Honors College community?

I am a goal-oriented person. I realized my passions long ago—to work in natural resources and conservation biology and to share the knowledge and experience I gain through writing. Influences such as John Muir, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, and Terry Tempest Williams have inspired me with their methods of imparting their ideologies to others through writing. Their ability to craft passion, opinion, and feeling into beautiful prose, influenced others to listen to them and create real change. Such writers and scientists increased my introspective and passionate feelings about protecting and respecting the wilderness. I believe I will be able to add to the Honors College and university community with my passion for what I will study and my ability to engage others through my writing. The Honors College will both help me enrich my life through the achievement of my goals. An environmental writer must combine two disparate disciplines — hard science and a creative branch of humanities. I want to convey my passion and love for the environment to others through the written word. However, in many traditional academic settings this combination of disciplines could be difficult to attain. The interdisciplinary program will broaden my mind, and provide ideas for my future that I have yet to consider.Additionally, the Honors College conception as a small liberal arts school within a major university appeals to my basic love of learning because it offers a liberal arts education while still providing access to the various benefits of a top research university. I am completing an interdisciplinary experience in high school through my studies in the International Baccalaureate program. The program focuses on the development of a well-rounded academic personality. I desire the same intellectually stimulating experience in college, because I cannot know one subject well without knowledge of many others. This is evident in my future goals, where I hope to combine science and English into a tool to raise awareness about land conservation and the natural world. This is how I believe I will be able to contribute to the community and make a difference in the world. The Honors College curriculum will help me achieve this goal.

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